Derma Rollers

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Get Rolling with Derma Rollers.

Derma Rollers help to rejuvenate and refresh the skins appearance with their tiny micro needles. This beauty tool is perfect to promote collagen whilst repair damaged skin and promote cell regeneration. Derma Rollers can be incorporated to your skin routine for a maximum of 2 times a week.

  • 540 medical grade titanium micro needles
  • 0.3mm  titanium/ medical stainless steel 
  • 9 disks each containing 60 needles
  • Used on face only


  • Ensure the roller is properly cleaned. We recommend cleaning with 75% soaked for 5-10mins or UV steriliser. Best to allow the roller to be dried off after cleaning. 
  • Wash your face thoroughly
  • Cover the serum/cream solution evenly on the skin
  • Rolling 3-4 times by meter-shaped, control efforts to avoid damage
  • Apply your serum/moisturiser again


Do not use tool if pregnant/ breastfeeding. Only to be used on the face. Avoid areas that are inflamed. Ensure you consult your health care practitioner before using the tool.


Pre-orders will be shipped November 15th